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Three Saint Laurent Bags Perfect for Evening This Autumn and Winter Season

Anzeige: While 2020 may not be a year where our social lives have been at their peak, it can still be good to have the right evening accessories ready to go for the autumn and winter fashion season, with Christmas never really as far away as it seems! Still, you're definitely going to want to pick something with a classic look that will remain in style for years to come if you're investing in designer pieces this year when getting a lot of wear out of party and evening clothing isn't really likely! Saint Laurent, a brand of the iconic French fashion house Yves St. Laurent, is a fantastic label to look to if you want stunning evening bags that won't go out of fashion, and here, we've picked three bags from their current collection that will provide the perfect finish to your evening looks for the coming seasons.


Gold Monogramme Bag


Saint Laurent's bags all tend to come in a range of colours, sizes and variants, and while choosing classic neutrals can be good for your day bags, it can be good to go for something that stands out a little more for evening, especially if you like to wear fairly luxurious evening attire. The gold leather look of the gold version of the small Saint Laurent Monogramme bag is not gaudy or chasing a metallic trend that won't stick around, but instead offers an extra sense of luxury to an already beautiful design, and looks great for winter.


Kate Tassel Bag


The Kate bag is another Saint Laurent staple that comes in a lot of different options, but the small tasseled shoulder bags are ideal for evening. The simple design with smooth leather and the iconic YSL logo, as well as the statement tassel detail, make this bag eye-catching without overpowering your outfit. The off-white colour is a particularly good choice if you're looking for a bag that is classic, but anything but plain.


Round Jade Camera Bag


The small camera bag styles by Saint Laurent are ideal for the evening because they offer enough room for your evening essentials without creating bulk, but are also convenient to wear compared with clutches. The round Jade camera bags in the current Saint Laurent collection add some extra interest with their unusual shape while keeping to the unmistakable Saint Laurent look with their soft leather and bold logo. The black option is great for winter, but the blush colour is also a gorgeous choice.

These are just three of the most covetable bags for this autumn and winter in the current range available for Saint Laurent. Definitely give them a look if you are hankering for a dainty yet stylish evening bag!

Designs are constantly changing and if you’re looking for a piece to add to your 2020 collection, hopefully one of these will be perfect!