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Building a Green Home: A Few Tips and Pointers for Contractors

Anzeige: Eco-friendly construction is not that expensive these days, even compared to how costly it was just a few years ago. This is one of the main reasons why environmentally conscious construction methods have gained so much traction lately. To help both the general contractor and the homeowner get their green building strategies on point, we have prepared a small list of tips from industry leaders in green construction.


Smaller is Better

The more space a building occupies, the less eco-friendly it becomes because of the following reasons:

  • More construction material is required, thus more energy is utilized in their production and delivery to the site
  • Wood is a major and natural construction material, but the lumbering industry is the main industry behind global deforestation
  • A large building will consume a lot of energy in its lifetime (60 – 120 years) in heating, cooling and lighting all that extra space

Therefore, constructing a comparatively smaller building, when possible, is always going to tax the planet less, not to mention, it will save the owner thousands in energy bills down the line.


Insulation Should be Top Notch

The importance of proper insulation in key areas is a top priority to consider while constructing any building today. Use EPDM folie kleben to first seal the façade of your building in. Then proceed to seal the lower connecting points of each door, while simultaneously making sure that any gaps in between the windows and the walls are also sealed thoroughly. Finish off by sealing the roof, if required, and check in the attic and closets to make sure that no gap in insulation was left unattended.

EPDM folie kleben (ME220) has a thickness of 1.2mm, which means that the insulation film can easily handle sealing most gaps and even façade areas as thick as 0.75mm. However, it’s just one of the many different types of construction sealants that EPDM manufactures, so do go through the other options on their website if the ME220 EPDM folie kleben isn’t enough for the job at hand.


Consider the Suitability of the Land for the Chosen Construction

Every time a building is constructed, it takes away from the natural ecosystem nearby. Therefore, a conscious and responsible contractor works with his civil engineer to preserve as much of the locality’s natural ecosystem as possible. Resort to, if any must be cut down to begin with. Do make it a priority to ensure the construction site doesn’t end up blocking a stream, or polluting the nearby lake, since that can have disastrous consequences on the environment and the people living nearby.

Any professional contractor with a good degree of experience knows more or less everything that there is to know about the business already. However, the green home initiative is a relatively new development in the sense that it has started growing in effective popularity only now. The intricate techniques are not something that all contractors fully understand yet, although they are beginning to. Hopefully, this brief discussion will make them want to learn more and fast.